Grades 2-7

School's Out connects kids and parents with safe, fun, good quality after school activities. Here is a general run down of an average day for grades 2-7:

2:30 pm School dismissal bell rings and kids go to the bus meeting spot.


2:30-2:45 pm School bus arrives at each school within this time.


2:45-2:55 pm School bus arrives at Don Christian Recreation Centre Parking lot (a central point between all of the schools we service). Leaders regroup the kids according to chosen activity and reload buses.


2:55-3:05 pm Buses travel to activity provider locations. 


3:05-3:15 pm Kids get off the bus and hang coats and backpacks etc.


3:15-5:15 pm After school activity with provider.


5:15-5:30 pm Pick up time.

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