Kindergarten-Grade 2
Fall Term

The Kindergarten -Grade 2 group has had a wonderful start to their year at School's Out. We have divided them into 4 groups that each have their own 'home room'. The groups are called Starfish, Monkeys, Astronauts, and Stegos.  By now the children are feeling comfortable and familiar with their daily routine of after school pick up, home room and snack time with their group, as well as rotating through the classrooms for their activities. We have had a lot of fun already this school year and we are looking forward to Winter term. Below you will find some photos of the classes from fall term and some notes from the teachers. Enjoy!


 This term we have had a lot of fun trying out different crafting techniques.  3 class expectations we have been working on are, understanding as long as you give 100% then your art / craft is PERFECT!!!, following the project steps and not rushing.

 The kids have really developed their skills in staying in the lines with our window decals, putting a personal touch on projects and taking pride in their work.  In the Winter Term we will continue to work on staying on task to complete a project, using our listening ears and following the steps and taking our time so we can do our best work. 

 The kids really love being creative, seeing their finished pieces and getting their photo taken with their art work .

 I can't wait to start some fun wintery crafts with them we we return after Winter Break!


In Art class this term the kids have been working on drawing animals step-by-step, simple watercolour techniques , learning how to createa rough draft and perspective drawing using small wooden mannequins .  The kids have really developed their skill in - keeping a positive attitude even when they feel the need to erase and start again , treating paints respectfully and taking pride in age-appropriate clean up task, participating with creative additions to their own work  and learning the difference between watercolour and acrylic techniques.

In the Winter Term, we will continue to work on respecting other classmates art both verbally and physically , staying on task and learning to draw step-by-step, and taking their time painting individual sections of their artwork.  The kids really seem to love having the ability to add in their own features to their drawings and paintings , learning a new technique or style each class ,  

mixing paints responsibly to achieve the colour they want  

ad of course getting to take their work home after it has dried!  

 In the Winter Term we will be working on more simple landscapes, shading   and drawing new methods for drawing 3-dimensional shapes  .


 This term in Cooking Class we have been learning types of cuts – chop, dice, cube slice, types of heating sauté, boil, grill and safety in the kitchen.   The kids have really develeoped their skills in dicing and cubing using their knives (scissors), identifying ingredients and spices and tasting everything we cook and trying new things.  We will continue to work on following instructions / listening to instructions, patients, waiting calmly and quietly while foods are cooking out and not running around the class room and cracking eggs and not getting shells in the food lol. Their favorite part of class seems to be the taste test and having their photos taken with their finished meals. In the Winter Term I hope to introduce some new desserts and stir-fry’s 


 In the Fall Term, the kids worked on soft arms, gallops and straight knees.  They really developed their skills in skipping, soft arms and of course having fun!!!  We will continue to develop our straight backs, straight knees and pointed toes.  The kids favorite part of this term was preparing for the Christmas Show, making all the big leaps and creating their own dances.  In the Winter Term, the kids will be working on rhythmic gymnastics.


In Makerspace over the Fall Term we touched on all aspects of STEM (science, technology, engineering and math).  The kids seem to have really developed following instructions, the understanding that if you do your best it is perfect and being respectful when things don’t turn out.  We will continue to develop our skills in problem solving and being creative within the defined project.  What seems to be the kids favorite part of the class is being creative and seeing things come to life.  During the Winter Term, I am looking forward to introducing Volcanos!!! 


 During the Fall Term, the kids in Hip Hop have been working on short dance combos, learning how to bounce and groove and learning old school hip-hop moves.  They have really excelled at freestlying, remembering different combos and their punches/ grooves.  We will continue to work on developing our travelling more with their moves, making their moves smaller and using more of the moves we’ve learned when free styling.  The kids really seem to enjoy earning their beads for their bead jar, playing games at the end of class and free styling in a circle.  For the Winter Term, we are planning on working on more free styling/improving, comeing up with ways to use our hands when dancing and adding different textures in our dance moves such as moving slow fast etc.