The program lets us fit all our dance classes in during the week so we can save the weekends for family time instead of lesson time. The teachers are great and they make the programs so much fun Alex never wants to leave after her classes. 

Amanda Tolver



Which schools do you service?


We currently service the following schools: Katzie, Hazelgrove, Hillcrest, Clayton, Adams Road, Don Christian, Martha Currie, Surrey Center, Cloverdale Traditional, Surrey Christian , Diamond, Cloverdale Catholic.  

If my school is not listed will you add it for 2020-2021 school year?


If there are enough kids registered for your school we will add it. Post us on your school and community facebook page to encourage other parents from your school to register. Usually we like a minimum of 6 kids from one school. 

What happens if I register but you don't end up servicing my school?


We will not invoice you for your registration fee until we can confirm that we service your school. If for some reason we have to cancel service to your school (ie. everyone from your school suddenly cancels their membership) we will provide you with 30 day notice and continue picking your child up during that time. In nine years we have never discontinued service to a school mid school year.  

If my school is not listed should I register?


Yes. This is the only way to start the process of shuttle service being added to your school. Don't hold off. Register and get the ball roling for your school. 

What vehicles do you use for shuttle service? Are they safe? Who are the drivers? 


For most schools we use school busses to pick up the kids and take them to their activities. Our busses are safety inspected every six months as per government regulations. Each bus displays proper government inspection decals, a national safety certificate, proper insurance decals, and daily driver inspection reports. Our drivers are vetted and trained employees. Each driver has a class 4 drivers license, ICBC drivers abstract,  criminal records check, first aid and CPR certifications and badge with photo ID.  

Where does my child meet the bus? 


There is a designated pick up spot at each school. Your child simply comes to the pick up spot when they are dismissed and gets on the bus. After you register you will be given the pick up spot info for your school. We have a meet the driver night in August when you will have the opportunity to see where the bus parks at your child's school. Kindergartens and grade 1's are picked up at their classroom door unless otherwise arranged between the driver/parent/teacher. 

What if my child misses the bus? 


Drivers have an attendance list of each student they are expecting  each day. If your child is expected on the bus but does not get on the bus, the driver immediately contacts our office. Our office then calls your child's school office to see if your child was absent, or if perhaps the child is waiting there. If they tell us that the child was at school today but is not with them, we call you. 90% of the time when a child isn't on the bus it is because they were away from school but the parent forgot to tell us. The other 10% is because they are too slow getting their coats on or they decided to go to book fair or running club.  If your child truly misses the bus they should be told to go to the school office and we will come back for them. If it becomes a regular occurrence there will be extra costs involved. Missing the bus is not a common problem for our students and it rarely happens. If you tell your child to go to the bus stop right after the bell and remember to report absences to us and it will never be a problem for you.  Kindergartens and grade ones are met at their classroom door.

Does the bus pick up my child on early dismissal days?


No. The shuttle service operates a the same time each day and only serves to transport students from school to their after school activities. Activities are scheduled with our providers each school day starting at 3:15pm. Our after school activity providers allow us to drop off students between 3pm and 3:15pm. Now here is the good news! School's Out organizes activities at your child's school from 1:30-2:30pm on all early dismissal days. These activities are included in your School's Out  membership. So not to worry! Your child can certainly stay busy while they wait for their bus to come at it's regular time.  

Some of the activities do not list providers or locations? When will this info be available?


All activities for kindergartens and grade 1's take place at our location in Cloverdale. Some activities for grades 2-7 take place at our location and some activities take place at the service provider's location. For example, the martial arts classes take place at the martial arts studio. Exact Service provider and locations will be confirmed before the start dates.  When choosing providers for our activities we are making sure to stay within the Surrey/Langley area. We are choosing activity providers that we know and trust to keep the kids safe, learning and having fun.   

Does my School's Out membership cover all costs of my child's after school activity?


Your School's Out membership covers the costs of the activity provider and school shuttle but some activity providers require uniforms, equipment or supplies that are additional costs. All uniforms, equipment and supplies are listed in the description of the activity so there are no surprises. For example: ballet classes require specific dance wear and ballet slippers. These costs are listed in the description of the class. These items are not included in your membership. 

What if my child doesn't like their activity?


We want your child to be happy! We can give you two options if your child doesn't like their activity. The first option is to switch into a different activity. Students are welcome to switch activities any time as long as they are on the same day and there is space in the activity.  There is no cost to switch activities (unless you have to buy special supplies or equipment for the new activity).  The second option is to cancel or downgrade your membership. Please see our cancellation policy.

What time do activities start and finish?


School bus shuttles drop off gr 2-7 students at their activities between 3:00pm and 3:15pm each day. All School's Out Activity Providers operate their programs from 3:15-5:00pm. Kindergartens and grade 1's need a little more time so their activities start at 4pm. Pick up time is between 5:15pm-5:30pm each day. Pick up fro all grades is at Don Christian Rec center. If you need to pick up your child from our facility or their activity a bit early that's totally fine. Just let us know and we will arrange it with the teacher. 


My daughter is on her second year at ASPIRE FINE ARTS, after school program. Her experience so far has been very positive, she has made many friends whom she has invited to her birthday party and vice versa. The fact that they have a bus it makes her feel like she is on a field trip and loves talking to her friends in the bus as well. As a mom, I always feel at ease knowing my daughter is safe and she is treated kindly and respectfully by her friends and all teacherS and staff. By the way, thanks to ASPIRE she feels confident to share her many talents even in public. Thanks guys for giving my high spirited child the confidence that she will need to conquer the world  

Karina Roman

It was our child’s first year to Aspire and in a dance, piano and fine Arts classes. We found the Flicker program’s activities modern, fun, versatile, our daughter has fun, learns new things each day, and it is an uplifting and positive environment. Ms. Courtney is so organized, responsive and very upbeat, the variety of teachers for all the types of classes are so friendly and talented and there is always something new happening - we are excited to sign up for another year! 

Danielle Assimes 

I cannot say enough about how wonderful the after school aspire program is for both my girls.
They are both learning about different styles of dance and love the twice weekly ballet classes.
As a parent, knowing they are being picked up from school and safely brought to the studio to study dance and art is wonderful. At pick up, they both can’t wait to tell me about the moves they learned with big smiles. 

Cara-Lynn Zwaag 

My daughter has been attending Aspire Fine Arts for the past 2 years and I feel so lucky to have found this outstanding, one of kind after school program.  Talented and invested instructors, various art, music, drama and dance classes all combined in a well structured and supportive environment.  I have great peace in knowing my child is learning, growing and creating lifelong friendships in an after school program that is so thoughtfully detailed and constructive. Aspire Fine Arts Ignite program is every parents dream for their child’s after school care.

~signed a very grateful mom~

Samantha Bulman

This will be our fourth year at Aspire, ever year things improve.  Staff, parents, students are all amazing . It’s not only an after school program it’s our Aspire family.  

Jodie Krowchuk

My two daughters absolutely love the after school program at Aspire! The teachers and staff are amazing and it is obvious that they truly enjoy working with children and passing along their passion for dance and the arts. I love knowing that they they are not only being taken care of after school, but that they are able to explore new interests, develop great friendships, and embrace their love of dance! 

Roslyn Henderson

Our son loves the ignite after school program at aspire and has been going for almost 3 years. He’s made great friendships and connections. The teachers are great and he’s learned so much while having fun doing it!

Kristen Tremblay

Our son has enjoyed the after school program so much this year! As a grade 2 student We’ve seen his independence grow as he gained confidence in taking the bus each afternoon from his school to Aspire. He has further developed his artistic skills, drawing things at home based on what he is working on at Aspire and showing off new hip hop moves. He had never played guitar before this year, and for Christmas he asked Santa for a guitar (good thing Santa brought the exact same one he plays every week). 

We like that combined with a supervised after school program; my son can participate in hip hop, art, piano, guitar, drama, voice and more, which are instructed by experienced teachers. Plus it means We don’t have to be chauffeurs to take him to all those activities on the weekend or after we come home from work.

Alison Gutrath 

Our daughter has been with the Aspire Ignite after school program for two years and we have seen her grow from a shy girl with very little dance experience to a social little butterfly with true dance potential and a love for the fine arts.  We have been very happy with the program. The efficient after school shuttle service, friendly and skilled teachers and fun atmosphere have had a very positive influence on our daughter.  We would highly recommend this program to anyone looking for a safe, fun after school learning environment and place to make new friends. 

Joanne M

Both of our kids have had an amazing time at Aspire.  The teachers are amazing, talented and caring.  This is our first year in the program and we are so pleased.

Vickie Fullerton

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